The moment I’ve been working for

More than ten years ago I wrote this song. I’ve been through a lot since then and to be totally honest I can’t remember what I felt when writing it originally. What I can tell you is that I still consider it my favorite one and I know many of you believe it’s my best song ever written. For me this song is about patience vs action. Sometimes it’s so important to make decisions and act fast. Other times waiting is essential to reach your ultimate goals. That’s why I believe this song, melodies, lyrics, and feelings can touch people on many different levels. The most important thing I want to convey with this message and song is that you ask yourself this question. Always.

Thank you Joveth Jorquia for helping me record and produce this song in your studio in LA, and Morten Opedal for taking this beautiful photo and creating the cover-art för Why Wait. Also big ups to Hasani Simons for letting me use your Fender guitar for this recording.

Most of all I’m thankful if you listen and share this song and message to your community. During this period we’re going through with a deadly virus on our hands, it’s more important than ever to think through our decisions and help out our community in every way we can. Even if that’s not what I originally wrote the song for, it can never be bad to share awareness and promote thinking and caring instead of ignorance.

Stay safe, healthy and active / Ax

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