My Black brothers and sisters in USA

My Black brothers and sisters in United States of America. At this moment my focus is only on you. I hear people protesting elsewhere, but the focus should be in The United States Of America. You deserve my full attention and every living soul in this world should know what goes on in your country and the laws being upheld by this “free” nation. This is long overdue, but I feel like getting involved and supporting the good cause of being just a decent white man standing for justice and equality  #blacklivesmatter  Even if I’m in a distant land far away in Scandinavia, I’m apphauled to learn about the racist system you’ve been incarcerated in for far to long. From south to north, east to west. I believe it is a duty of mine to speak up in the situation, to anybody who dare listen to my opinions, beliefs and real truths. I’ve been personally impacted by many great African-American/Black/Native American friends who have stories about a racist society and criminal justice system that is being run by private businesses and huge corporations.
Being that I’ve gotten to know the black community I can say with 100% certainty say that most media keep you from the truth. Especially how they’re being treated by the police officers and treated by court of law. In every part of the country it seems for hundreds of years and it’s still happening to this day. I’ve spent years researching and it’s not hard for anybody who wants to see. I think about the situation going on imprisoning black people who go away for life without a real case or good reason why. I wish to share this publically and stand by every word. I want to use my online presence to speak out on a matter close to heart. I want to speak out when I see injustice, even outside my own country, and if my voice can be of help for a better future for Black people in the United States Of America, then I will do my part. A loving community that I have had the privilage to call my own in a land far from home. Great people being treated like garbage for no other reason than the color of their skin. It’s hurtful to witness this sin going on today still in the United States Of America. -Axel MV

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