Black Lives Matter

I just watched a series on Netflix about a teenager who was accused of steeling a backpack. Since he couldn’t pay bail and didn’t plea guilty he was held in isolation for 700 days and tortured by the “justice” system until they after three years had to give him a court date where he was proven innocent because there was NO evidence what so ever. In this case he was released, but at that time he suffered so much brain damage due to torture that he killed himself only short after being released. This is just one out of a million cases getting attention where the court system torture innocent black people into confessing crimes they didn’t do so they can become slaves and serve time at prisons where they can work without salary for privately owned businesses earning billions of dollars. Who wants to support a system like that? It reminds me of the Nazi camps in the Second World War. Why is this still going on in USA? If everyone who is yelling #AllLivesMatter could for once stand together with #blacklivesmatter this could really help save innocent lives from being taken every single day. Please stand #together and make The United States of America #better
#blacklivesmatter #stop #modernslavery

Here’s a link to the movie 13th on Netflix:


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