New waves New ways


So happy to be making new music with my amazing friend, guitarist, and producer Jonathan Bernhardsson. Wilja has so much potential and we’re really doing all we can to make you be a part of our journey. We’re working on our set list and writing and recording new songs. I’ve recently changed my mind about having live shows online since I’ve come across a good way to keep the sound quality at a level where the music and feelings are not diminished as much as I though. I also have been a little too stubborn since I know that there are a lot of people interested in seeing us perform and I know that the best way to reach as many people as possible is through online gigs. I do want to say that I love playing live and if I can’t do it on a real stage with an audience thanks to Covid, then I have to adapt to this an look at other option to get our music out there. Right now we have our song Embrace on pretty much all music platforms and have recorded our second song which we expect to come out in a month or two, however we are also preparing to go live online so please stay updated on our social media account to know when dates come up.

Published by Axel Brundin

-Singer in the band Wilja. -Blogger/Artist Influencer.

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