Axel Brundin, recently released a single on Spotify called Why Wait recorded and produced in Los Angeles by Joveth Jorquia.

I’m 32, a singer from the old village Välinge, located far out on the Swedish countryside. Started playing icehockey and football (soccer) at a very early age, and after many years in sports during my late teens I started focusing more on the stage as a guitarist and began working my way through the bars and other local venues as a rock n’ roll kid working with local artists and bands* around Ängelholm and Helsingborg in Skåne, the southern state of Sweden.

* Lucy In The Sky, Anovia, Unplugged, Violet Blitz, Dusty Diamonds, Melodia, III

In my early twenties I moved to California to begin a solo-career as a singer/songwriter. I was trained, guided, and mentored by the creative community of SBCC and incredibly grateful to be part of so many historical moments and productions such as being part of Hairspray The Musical cast at Lobero Theatre and being produced by Dominic Camardella for Music Now at Garvin Theater. I even co-founded the soul, funk and rock sound that was once famous all over town as Brothers Of March and heard by tens of thousands of people live and on the radio in Santa Barbara and San Rafael during 2012

I embraced the new Californian lifestyle and the people who I got to know and some I still talk to. They really helped me out feeling at home and alive when being part of music projects, photo shoots and short films in Santa Barbara, San Rafael, San Francisco, Pasadena, Ventura, Carpinteria, Lake View Terrace, Riverside, Moreno Valley & Los Angeles

In recent years

I’m back home in Ängelholm and Helsingborg since 2013 still helping my community and families out as well as I know how to, by living the best way I can, learning, documenting my work and sharing experiences with you who wish to follow and learn more about artistry, band collaboration, and stage presence. I’ve spent more than a decade figuring out how to market music online as a solo artist and member in a wide variety of bands in Sweden and United States. I’ve invested more than ten thousand hours to perfect my craft and I’ve now found my role as a singer and songwriter recording with the band Wilja, coming out with our first release this summer.

Still training body, mind, balance and spirit being coached and mentored by legends.

Hopefully I’ll see you again one day on the other side, alive and well. Stay up to date with the latest productions and events. Follow the blog and podcast.

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