Axel Brundin, artist biography

  • 2004 Started playing electric guitar and joined his first band covering Status Quo songs.
  • 2005 Started playing electric bass in a Europe cover band. (Melodia)
  • 2006 Became the bass-player in a rock band and started writing original music. (Dirty Diamonds)
  • 2007 Joined a pop-rock band as a bass-player and back-up singer. (Lucy In The Sky)
  • 2008 Co-founded a glam rock-band as a rhythm guitarist. (Violet Blitz)
  • 2009 Started playing acoustic guitar and co-founded the duo Unplugged.
  • 2011 Co-founded the soul-funk-rock band Brothers Of March
  • 2012 Was casted in the Broadway music Hairspray as Wilbur Turnblad, Part of the line-up of Music Now produced by Dom Camardella
  • 2013 Founded a music network Collab Mix City
  • 2014 Auditioned for Swedish Idol
  • 2015 Released the single ‘Stand Alone’ produced by T.i.S Records
  • 2016 Founded the rock-band Trip Sixteen
  • 2017 Recorded the single ‘Wolds Apart’ produced by Jonathan Bernhardsson
  • 2018 Recorded the EP ‘Blood Sweat and Tears'(Trip Sixteen) produced by Jonathan Bernhardsson
  • 2019 Co-founded the folk-band Wilja
  • 2020 Released the single ‘Embrace'(Wilja)
  • 2021 Released the EP ‘Take Me Away’ (Wilja)
  • 2022