Det är en stor ära att du väljer att spendera din 27e årsdag i studion med mig Jonte Du är en av mina få absolut bästa vänner och jag är en bättre människa och musiker tack vare din närvaro i mitt liv. Jag är riktigt stolt över dig och allt du gör. Världen är enContinue reading “GRATTIS PÅ FÖDELSEDAGEN JONATHAN 🇸🇪”

The calm before the storm

Our band Wilja is about to release another wonderful tune. It will be an upbeat indie song where frustration meets peace and harmony. I really believe this new song will take you away. Stay tuned on our website, Facebook page, and Instagram account to get the latest band news:

The last couple of weeks ends with Tears In Heaven

I wrote seven weeks ago that I want my listeners to challenge me with interesting songs to take on. This is the list of the videos I’ve uploaded and I’m proud to say I’ve kept my word and kept posting every Sunday like promised: Heaven by Bryan Adams When You Say Nothing At All byContinue reading “The last couple of weeks ends with Tears In Heaven”

TikTok is my new jam

Everyday I find cool videos and every damn day I make my own. At least I make an attempt to shoot something. I had Musically earlier and wasn’t really using it that much. My son’s cousin Jordyn introduced me to it way back but I stopped making videos for a while and was mainly usingContinue reading “TikTok is my new jam”

I’m a soul man

I’ve played pretty much every style there is, but deep down y’all know I’m a blues brother❤️😎 Now I’m off to celebrate my friend Fabian’s (80’s theme) birthday party and I couldn’t think of anyone more in line with me than Elwood the great. You know I’m lovin’ this.

A new great EDM artist on the rise

As I take another step into the world of music I’ve realized that I find it incredibly rewarding to be part of projects and careers even if I’m not writing songs or performing live. Of course I have not stopped playing or lost interest in being an artist myself. It’s just nice to focus myContinue reading “A new great EDM artist on the rise”

Buena Vista Booooiz Club