I’m 33 and I feel

The best I’ve ever felt as the father of a son who is happy and hopeful , the son, brother, and partner in a loving community of family, friends, co-workers and fans in Scandinavia, United States, Iran, and beyond , singer, co-writer, and member of a new music group in Sweden , the student ofContinue reading “I’m 33 and I feel”

To my mother, Let It Be

To honor my mothers request last week, I desided to learn her favorite song by The Beatles called Let It Be. It’s the song that was played on my fathers funeral and means a great deal to both my mother, brothers, and me. It’s with enormous pleasure I present to you my version of thisContinue reading “To my mother, Let It Be”

Challenge axepted. The choice is yours!

I’ve done almost 300 live performances since I started and at almost every gig I’ve been asked to play a song I don’t know how to play or can’t remember it because it’s not on my set list and I haven’t practiced it. To be honest I really hate it with a passion and IContinue reading “Challenge axepted. The choice is yours!”