I’m 33 and I feel

The best I’ve ever felt as the father of a son who is happy and hopeful , the son, brother, and partner in a loving community of family, friends, co-workers and fans in Scandinavia, United States, Iran, and beyond , singer, co-writer, and member of a new music group in Sweden , the student ofContinue reading “I’m 33 and I feel”


Somehow we always find a way to stay together and grow stronger. All I have to do is keep practicing, set new goals and work hard to stay on track✨ The rest is up to you 🎶

Axel Brundin’s SBCC Music Department Testimonial

Axel Brundin’s SBCC Music Department Testimonial

My 9th cover on YouTube. Another swedish hitsong

It sure wasnt easy to learn this song and even if I play it half the original speed I still had a hard time phrasing it like Timbuktu. Either way I’m happy about my performance and hope you can get some good feelings out of it too. Enjoy!

To my mother, Let It Be

To honor my mothers request last week, I desided to learn her favorite song by The Beatles called Let It Be. It’s the song that was played on my fathers funeral and means a great deal to both my mother, brothers, and me. It’s with enormous pleasure I present to you my version of thisContinue reading “To my mother, Let It Be”

I’m a soul man

I’ve played pretty much every style there is, but deep down y’all know I’m a blues brother❤️😎 Now I’m off to celebrate my friend Fabian’s (80’s theme) birthday party and I couldn’t think of anyone more in line with me than Elwood the great. You know I’m lovin’ this.

A new great EDM artist on the rise

As I take another step into the world of music I’ve realized that I find it incredibly rewarding to be part of projects and careers even if I’m not writing songs or performing live. Of course I have not stopped playing or lost interest in being an artist myself. It’s just nice to focus myContinue reading “A new great EDM artist on the rise”