Somehow we always find a way to stay together and grow stronger. All I have to do is keep practicing, set new goals and work hard to stay on track✨ The rest is up to you 🎶

I miss the stage

I miss the stage and I know Jonathan is eager to stand in front of you too. Hopefully we can make our first official gig happen soon. Until then we’ll be writing and rehearsing as much as possible and as you know there is more recorded music coming out soon. Wish you stay tuned🎧🎶 -AxContinue reading “I miss the stage”

The calm before the storm

Our band Wilja is about to release another wonderful tune. It will be an upbeat indie song where frustration meets peace and harmony. I really believe this new song will take you away. Stay tuned on our website, Facebook page, and Instagram account to get the latest band news: https://www.wiljatheband.com https://www.Facebook.com/wiljatheband https://www.Instagram.com/wiljatheband

The moment I’ve been working for

More than ten years ago I wrote this song. I’ve been through a lot since then and to be totally honest I can’t remember what I felt when writing it originally. What I can tell you is that I still consider it my favorite one and I know many of you believe it’s my bestContinue reading “The moment I’ve been working for”

Why Wait

Axel Brundin – Why Wait Produced by Joveth Jorquia Cover-art by Morten Opedal I ask myself this question now… https://open.spotify.com/track/4VQKCHGtyWzppHaL5oyW7G?si=2U7ZQKYzSdqFqk3ScVhe-A

Big Bad Sound from the Underground

Finally out. This three song EP is really good. We all put in hard work and I’m so proud Trip Sixteen – Blood Sweat & Tears (EP name) 1.Trip Sixteen 2.Day And Night 3.Now We’re Here Produced by Trip Sixteen & Jonathan Bernhardsson Cover art by Isabell Bernhardsson & Axel Brundin

New track, “newname”

Really happy to get my song out there. Unfortunately I misspelled my own name when I sent it in to distribute it. My “new” name is Axelbrundin ———- Axelbrundin – Worlds Apart (feat. Jonathan Bernhardsson) Produced by Bernhard Productions Purchase at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Worlds-Apart-feat-Jonathan-Bernhardsson/dp/B06XH7RHXX