Bruce Springsteen cover by Axel Brundin

It’s not easy taking on the job to perform this song which was made for the BOSS himself. It was however really nice to learn how to play it and I will most likely keep it in my set-list and perform it live too. Of course as long as Bruce and the guys are okContinue reading “Bruce Springsteen cover by Axel Brundin”

To my mother, Let It Be

To honor my mothers request last week, I desided to learn her favorite song by The Beatles called Let It Be. It‚Äôs the song that was played on my fathers funeral and means a great deal to both my mother, brothers, and me. It‚Äôs with enormous pleasure I present to you my version of thisContinue reading “To my mother, Let It Be”

Simple man.. with a not so simple plan

I was requested by my friend Michel’s brother Zacharias to perform Simple Man for my YouTube channel this week. I thought it would be cool to perform this song, not only because I thought Zacharias had a good reason for wanting to hear it, but also because I really like the message of this songContinue reading “Simple man.. with a not so simple plan”

YouTube weekly song challenge

The first one’s out. My friend Martin Prahl requested Heaven by Bryan Adams for last weeks challenge. Great choice by the way. Now I’m rehearsing a song for this coming Sunday, requested by a real YouTube legend. Stay tuned and in tune;)

Big Bad Sound from the Underground

Finally out. This three song EP is really good. We all put in hard work and I’m so proud Trip Sixteen – Blood Sweat & Tears (EP name) 1.Trip Sixteen 2.Day And Night 3.Now We’re Here Produced by Trip Sixteen & Jonathan Bernhardsson Cover art by Isabell Bernhardsson & Axel Brundin

Recording with Jonathan Bernhardsson

I’m so grateful to be back writing and recording music. Jonathan Bernhardsson is a fantastic producer, songwriter, and guitarist making it easy for me to perform at my best. Can’t wait to show you the tune.. Photography by Isabelle Bernhardsson

T.i.S Records presents

Axel Brundin – Stand Alone Produced in √Ąngelholm by T.i.S Records Written, recorded and performed by Axel Brundin and Emil Mattsson

Library gig in √Ąngelholm

Sure feels nice to turn up and sing Down An Up in the library back home for Kulturg√•rden i √Ąngelholm.

The black pearl back in action

I had the pleasure of having an old friend and photographer coming to my home for a new project. Not every day I pick up this black beauty of mine to play, but today it was on like King Kong and I rocked the shit outta her Photography by Henrik Hederström

My first TV performance

It was pretty fucking cool seeing myself on the screen for the first time. Didn’t really like how they put it together, but still a nice moment and a really great learning experience:)

Balcony blues

Every now and then this guy comes to town and hits me with the 12 bar blues. I’m in heaven. Always enjoy jammin’with you Kyle! Photography by Sydney Buonomo

Playing in the streets of San Rafael

What a feeling it was playing here. Brothers Of March at our best Video by Morten Opedal Photography by Morten Opedal