Somehow we always find a way to stay together and grow stronger. All I have to do is keep practicing, set new goals and work hard to stay on trackāœØ The rest is up to you šŸŽ¶

Axel Brundin’s SBCC Music Department Testimonial

Axel Brundin’s SBCC Music Department Testimonial

I miss the stage

I miss the stage and I know Jonathan is eager to stand in front of you too. Hopefully we can make our first official gig happen soon. Until then we’ll be writing and rehearsing as much as possible and as you know there is more recorded music coming out soon. Wish you stay tunedšŸŽ§šŸŽ¶ -AxContinue reading “I miss the stage”

The moment Iā€™ve been working for

More than ten years ago I wrote this song. Iā€™ve been through a lot since then and to be totally honest I canā€™t remember what I felt when writing it originally. What I can tell you is that I still consider it my favorite one and I know many of you believe itā€™s my bestContinue reading “The moment Iā€™ve been working for”

Why Wait

Axel Brundin – Why Wait Produced by Joveth Jorquia Cover-art by Morten Opedal I ask myself this question now… https://open.spotify.com/track/4VQKCHGtyWzppHaL5oyW7G?si=2U7ZQKYzSdqFqk3ScVhe-A

ā€œSongs for my peopleā€œ

Watch my latest video on YouTube when I perform a cover of Better Than Love by Griffin House. Thank You Linda Liliac for requesting this amazing song. Means a lot to me that you introduce this band and great music to me and for believing in me to perform it.

Praised by a YouTube legend

The second song on my Weekly YouTube song challenge is WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL. My dear olā€™ friend Fred aka Freddyfairhair gave me a really nice comment on last weeks video and told me to sing a country song this week. Of course I did:) For all you guys who would like toContinue reading “Praised by a YouTube legend”

My selfie photoshoot for upcoming single

The upcoming song together with producer Jonathan Bernhardsson is so good. Now I’m on a stroll in Ƅngelholm experimenting with my camera to see what kind of cover-art I can come up with.

T.i.S Records presents

Axel Brundin – Stand Alone Produced in Ƅngelholm by T.i.S Records Written, recorded and performed by Axel Brundin and Emil Mattsson

Library gig in Ć„ngelholm

Sure feels nice to turn up and sing Down An Up in the library back home for KulturgĆ„rden i Ƅngelholm.