Det är en stor ära att du väljer att spendera din 27e årsdag i studion med mig Jonte Du är en av mina få absolut bästa vänner och jag är en bättre människa och musiker tack vare din närvaro i mitt liv. Jag är riktigt stolt över dig och allt du gör. Världen är enContinue reading “GRATTIS PÅ FÖDELSEDAGEN JONATHAN 🇸🇪”

My 9th cover on YouTube. Another swedish hitsong

It sure wasnt easy to learn this song and even if I play it half the original speed I still had a hard time phrasing it like Timbuktu. Either way I’m happy about my performance and hope you can get some good feelings out of it too. Enjoy!

Swedish song and more to come

This week I sang and played a classic Swedish wedding song. I haven’t sang in my native language in so long because I’ve always felt some kind of barrier which has kept me from singing Swedish live. However now I completely feel the song and the lyrics coming out. I think it’s just practice andContinue reading “Swedish song and more to come”

The last couple of weeks ends with Tears In Heaven

I wrote seven weeks ago that I want my listeners to challenge me with interesting songs to take on. This is the list of the videos I’ve uploaded and I’m proud to say I’ve kept my word and kept posting every Sunday like promised: Heaven by Bryan Adams When You Say Nothing At All byContinue reading “The last couple of weeks ends with Tears In Heaven”

Praised by a YouTube legend

The second song on my Weekly YouTube song challenge is WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL. My dear ol’ friend Fred aka Freddyfairhair gave me a really nice comment on last weeks video and told me to sing a country song this week. Of course I did:) For all you guys who would like toContinue reading “Praised by a YouTube legend”

YouTube weekly song challenge

The first one’s out. My friend Martin Prahl requested Heaven by Bryan Adams for last weeks challenge. Great choice by the way. Now I’m rehearsing a song for this coming Sunday, requested by a real YouTube legend. Stay tuned and in tune;)

Library gig in Ängelholm

Sure feels nice to turn up and sing Down An Up in the library back home for Kulturgården i Ängelholm.

My first TV performance

It was pretty fucking cool seeing myself on the screen for the first time. Didn’t really like how they put it together, but still a nice moment and a really great learning experience:)

IBS Graduation gig

Really sweet gig DownTown Santa Barbara with Jacob Brodefors playing for the most recent international graduate students at IBS Photography by Emma Hermansson

Play everywhere. Even when in Vegas

Even if it’s just for a minute or two outside Caesars Palace to get a good shoot together with Jacob Brodefors;) I believe we made a song there called HIGH ON LIFE Photography: Viktor Brannefalk

First time on the radio. BOM!

Such an amazing feeling playing live on the radio for the first time ever. Of course we rocked it like we always have. Brothers of March always deliver gold. I was nervous as f@#$ though:) -Bring Me Back To Life-Get Lost-Sun And Moon

Acoustic performance at Febland forum

A very nice evening with the vocal jazz ensemble where I had the pleasure of giving a solo performance of my newly written song. Enjoy! Video by Amalia Landberg