TikTok is my new jam

Everyday I find cool videos and every damn day I make my own. At least I make an attempt to shoot something. I had Musically earlier and wasn’t really using it that much. My son’s cousin Jordyn introduced me to it way back but I stopped making videos for a while and was mainly usingContinue reading “TikTok is my new jam”

The moment I’ve been working for

More than ten years ago I wrote this song. I’ve been through a lot since then and to be totally honest I can’t remember what I felt when writing it originally. What I can tell you is that I still consider it my favorite one and I know many of you believe it’s my bestContinue reading “The moment I’ve been working for”

A new great EDM artist on the rise

As I take another step into the world of music I’ve realized that I find it incredibly rewarding to be part of projects and careers even if I’m not writing songs or performing live. Of course I have not stopped playing or lost interest in being an artist myself. It’s just nice to focus myContinue reading “A new great EDM artist on the rise”

Big Bad Sound from the Underground

Finally out. This three song EP is really good. We all put in hard work and I’m so proud Trip Sixteen – Blood Sweat & Tears (EP name) 1.Trip Sixteen 2.Day And Night 3.Now We’re Here Produced by Trip Sixteen & Jonathan Bernhardsson Cover art by Isabell Bernhardsson & Axel Brundin

New track, “newname”

Really happy to get my song out there. Unfortunately I misspelled my own name when I sent it in to distribute it. My “new” name is Axelbrundin ———- Axelbrundin – Worlds Apart (feat. Jonathan Bernhardsson) Produced by Bernhard Productions Purchase at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Worlds-Apart-feat-Jonathan-Bernhardsson/dp/B06XH7RHXX

My selfie photoshoot for upcoming single

The upcoming song together with producer Jonathan Bernhardsson is so good. Now I’m on a stroll in Ängelholm experimenting with my camera to see what kind of cover-art I can come up with.

Recording with Jonathan Bernhardsson

I’m so grateful to be back writing and recording music. Jonathan Bernhardsson is a fantastic producer, songwriter, and guitarist making it easy for me to perform at my best. Can’t wait to show you the tune.. Photography by Isabelle Bernhardsson