I’m 33 and I feel

The best I’ve ever felt as the father of a son who is happy and hopeful

, the son, brother, and partner in a loving community of family, friends, co-workers and fans in Scandinavia, United States, Iran, and beyond

, singer, co-writer, and member of a new music group in Sweden

, the student of great mentors all over the world

There are those people who inspire me to be great. Others may not. I’m forever thankful for your love, guidance, support and efforts to help me become better.

However I know my health may not always be with me in the way it is now so I will stay on my path to live more happy, healthy, and well than ever before like I’ve learned.

I’m excited to see where life can lead next.

-Axel Brundin


Somehow we always find a way to stay together and grow stronger. All I have to do is keep practicing, set new goals and work hard to stay on track✨ The rest is up to you 🎶