50 (from here gone)

Days, ways, common space to move

I got a 10 feet jojo approved

To break this (fucking) bitch in two

Guess you never knew

How damn deep it goes

Until you get hit in your face

With the shoe and it’s lace

So much for the grace

All that open hate

Could fuck with the faith

Like Freddie said

And in my heart bleed

The show must go on

The story, the song

The greater storm

From here gone


Stranger, danger, foreign flame

Burning for the learning game

Smiling at the future

While hearing the shots from the past

I’ll stand, but will you stay here with me

Broken road, falling dreams, flying bricks

We’re on our own

Bled and blown


The story the song Greater storm

From here gone



First draft:

Lyrics by Axel Brundin


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