Cutting edges

Step in, step up come out and play

Too much time spent on punk n’ pray

Let me be me and I’ll make sure to shake (stay)

Don’t pull my break, here’s another fine day


I was cut from the start (day one)

Brought up from these scars

On a giant I stand

Stronger than stars

Breaking these bars

While fighting the war

I was bitter, broken, and hungry heart

Since day one I called this art

(I called it art since day one – Feelings of pain and joy)

(Fighting a war with/against rebels and stars)


Made it up alright, came down last night

A steam-train hit meCut this life in two

Next thing I knew I was ready for you


I’ve cried enough to  set me free

Laughing stock on my knees (since 23)

Still I bleed for every one (Daughter & son)


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