Random lyrics from notes

  1. (No title)

Super glued my mind

Stacey said you were kind

but hot damned you’re fine


Got me hooked at hello

Thank God my ring was out the door

Cause there was fire on the floor


Sparx coming out of every corner of the eye

While my head is running wilder

Than a stereo on fire

Don’t know if crazy chasing this chick round (town)

Prolly better to weather a stormy sea than to


2. No title

A golden rule I made a couple of years ago

Let time take it’s tole you’ll be glad when it’s over

Pissed off my bands in september

Got sober in october

Lost my head in the clouds, while feeling bigger and bolder


North bound, west sound, south line, eastern time


I don’t care how you found me

Or what you think you might know

I’m in the middle of the war

Watch my heart grow


Know you felt the fire

Heard the shots on your street

While I was making honey

You were caught by the bees

Putting knives in your back

Like a jigsaw attack


3.  Hero

Fear for your life

You’re my big black knight

Soldier of the people

Fighting evil with a smile

You’re a star in the making

Hope in the shaping

The better way of waking

Up Up Up

To hear you say






4. No name

Your eye out the head

Pretty sure you’ll be dead

There’s no good reason to fuck with the gift you’re fed

Unless you were the one who raped Lisa on my bed.


5. No name

Do you know what it means to change

To break the quo and adjust the pain

You see I carved my name into a broken game

Claimed the fame cause I had debts to pay

Back to ground to fuck around

Fell in love with the naked sound

Touch and taste gave me new respect

Now I’m …






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