You (I swear)

You came in

Locked the door

Moved closer to the core

Can’t say I looked away

Or ever turned my head

Got obsessed with your smell

And the way you felt

My hands like magnets

On your skin

The softest touch


Like a summer wind

I’m under your spell

In too deep

Falling in a spiral

With thoughts going viral

I hooked a feeling

Lost in the meaning

Bored by the ceiling

Fighting for an inch

With passion

I’m dreaming of you

You I swear

You I fear

These thoughts I’ll share (You’ll hear)

For you my dear


Maybe in a year

Or a couple of scars

I’ll be ready to pick you up

Take you out

We’ll be old enough to drink, drive, and smoke out loud


I’m innocent to think about the truth and it hurts

Wild enough to see how my heart it burns

For you, I swear

For you, I fear

Lyrics by Axel Brundin


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