These are some of the original tunes I’ve had the pleasure of recording and performing throughout the years of being a band member and recording artist. Hope you find them to be of value and that you’re willing to stay tuned for more as I’m currently recording an album with Wilja.

Embrace (Wilja) Spotify

Why Wait (Axel Brundin prod. by Joveth Jorquia) Spotify

Storm Breaker (Axel Brundin featuring Tobias Franck) SoundCloud

Now We’re Here (Trip Sixteen) Spotify

Day And Night (Trip Sixteen) Spotify

Trip Sixteen (Trip Sixteen) Spotify

Worlds Apart (Axel Brundin prod. by Jonathan Bernhardsson) Spotify

Stand Alone (Axel Brundin prod. by T.i.S Records) SoundCloud

Down And Up (Axel Brundin prod. by TV4 Idol 2014) YouTube

Bring Me Back To Life (Brothers Of March) YouTube

Get Lost (Brothers Of March) YouTube

Sweet Little Susie (Anovia) Youtube

Blue For You (Axel Brundin) YouTube