My 9th cover on YouTube. Another swedish hitsong

It sure wasnt easy to learn this song and even if I play it half the original speed I still had a hard time phrasing it like Timbuktu. Either way I’m happy about my performance and hope you can get some good feelings out of it too. Enjoy!

Swedish song and more to come

This week I sang and played a classic Swedish wedding song. I haven’t sang in my native language in so long because I’ve always felt some kind of barrier which has kept me from singing Swedish live. However now I completely feel the song and the lyrics coming out. I think it’s just practice andContinue reading “Swedish song and more to come”

To my mother, Let It Be

To honor my mothers request last week, I desided to learn her favorite song by The Beatles called Let It Be. It’s the song that was played on my fathers funeral and means a great deal to both my mother, brothers, and me. It’s with enormous pleasure I present to you my version of thisContinue reading “To my mother, Let It Be”

Simple man.. with a not so simple plan

I was requested by my friend Michel’s brother Zacharias to perform Simple Man for my YouTube channel this week. I thought it would be cool to perform this song, not only because I thought Zacharias had a good reason for wanting to hear it, but also because I really like the message of this songContinue reading “Simple man.. with a not so simple plan”

My selfie photoshoot for upcoming single

The upcoming song together with producer Jonathan Bernhardsson is so good. Now I’m on a stroll in Ängelholm experimenting with my camera to see what kind of cover-art I can come up with.

Recording with Jonathan Bernhardsson

I’m so grateful to be back writing and recording music. Jonathan Bernhardsson is a fantastic producer, songwriter, and guitarist making it easy for me to perform at my best. Can’t wait to show you the tune.. Photography by Isabelle Bernhardsson

Back in Vegeholm

Nice to put on the Vegeholm jersey and score for my ”new club” It’s been over ten years since I played in Vegeholms IF, but I’m happy to be back in Sweden playing with some of my best friends again. Had a nice run in Rosarito in Carpinteria- California, but I’m happy to playContinue reading “Back in Vegeholm”

The black pearl back in action

I had the pleasure of having an old friend and photographer coming to my home for a new project. Not every day I pick up this black beauty of mine to play, but today it was on like King Kong and I rocked the shit outta her Photography by Henrik Hederström