For a better sounding future

I am fortunate and thankful that I found music, worked hard to obtain the knowledge, and still play much to this day with passion and desire to learn more and become better every day. That’s what I want to share with you on this blog and other channels I have of communicating to the world.Continue reading “For a better sounding future”

The Music Now pre-show meet-up

The second year I was honored to be part of the Music Now cast & crew. I captured this moment right before the artists went on stage when our producer, music director, and professor Dom Camardella gave us his pre-show meditation ritual which put us all in a very peaceful and yet fired up stateContinue reading “The Music Now pre-show meet-up”

IBS Graduation gig

Really sweet gig DownTown Santa Barbara with Jacob Brodefors playing for the most recent international graduate students at IBS Photography by Emma Hermansson